Biarritz to St Jean Pied de Port

Billy tucks in to Mince and GristleTo get to the Camino start point the lads cycled the 35 miles from the Airport while Browny drove the van. First time on his on own. Thank God for Sat Nav.

Fairly uneventful cycle ride for the lads and a good warm-up. The start caused a bit of a stir at the airport as the guys stripped off to get into their lycra in the car park.

On the route Johnny G managed to fall off on a totally straight flat road. Not a good a start for the big man.

Hotel we stayed in was the Maison E. Barnat right on the Camino start route with the Citadel just down the street. John has got his holy schedule that he aims to get stamped at all the important points. Papa John now blesses the team at the start of each day and at meal times.

Decided to eat in the Hotel as we were promised a Basque delicacy. Veal with tomatoes, peppers etc.

The meal was not quite what we expected, more a mince stew than steaks. Still it was filling and delicious. And there was a ton of bread to build up the lads’ bulk.

The Hotel was great and the rooms ample sized.

Had a good look round St Jean. Lots of historical interest and bars. For some reason no one can remember the historical sites of interest.