Burgette to Puente La Reina

Leaving BurgetteAn easy day… that’s what they told me.

So, as the driver I decide to head straight for the end of this section. And indeed for me it was easy. Sat Nav on, female voice keeping me on the straight and narrow, I arrive in Puente La Reina after just over an hour.

Two more hours to find the Hotel. You kinda have to be here to understand how tricky it is wandering around a strange town trying to find a place when you can’t speak the lingo.

‘Oi Gadge, where the ******** am I’ doesn’t seem to translate.

So, I offload the van and organise all the rooms. Job well done time for a wander… the lads will be here in an couple of hours.

Text from Ade… 4 hours in not even half way!!! Major storm… heavy rain… multiple crashes… injuries…

This easy day turned out to be anything but…

As the lads got back I was quiet shocked to see the look of them. Head to toe covered in mud and drenched to the skin… but triumphant.

Steve Keenan’s rear mech (gears) got damaged meaning he can’t change gear! Bad news on these climbs but he battled on. It’s a specialized piece of kit he needs and no joy in the local bike shop in  Puente La Reina. Steve now faces a tough day ahead tomorrow.

Meanwhile Anth was doing wheelies (don’t ask me why), crashed into Andy and buckled his wheel. Spare wheels we do have.

Glad I’d sorted out all the bags, etc.

In the Hotel

The Hotel we stayed in was called the Rural Bideon and it was excellent. Great rooms and food to die for. A mixed starter of salad, salmon, egg…. superb.

The main courses here are quite small… not yer Boro parmo… and the lads opted for chicken, steak or lamb…

An excellent breakfast in the morning of local ham, cheese, etc.