Carrion to Leon

Ready for the off at Carrion

Ready for the off at Carrion

An uneventful day and the weather is good at last. For the lads this is another long trek but it’s mainly on the flat.

And I do mean flat. These must be the plains of Spain. It’s like Holland at this point but with high snow capped mountains in the distance as I head to the first meet up at Sahagun.

A long 26 mile ride for the lads and we meet for lunch by one of the most attractive rivers I’ve ever seen. Should have brought the rods.

Billy says, ‘Nothing for the blog today mate’

‘It will happen… it always does…’ I reply and sure enough it did…

John and Wagga rest up in Mansilla

John and Wagga rest up in Mansilla

At the next meet up point in Mansilla, 25 miles on we check the Sat Nav for the location of the hotel and can’t find it.

We then find out that it is not actually in Leon but another 25 miles further on!

No chance of the lads adding this on to the 60 they have done already so it’s time for plan B.

The Hotel, the Cuca La Viana, had already been paid for and we had to get there. So, I head for the Hotel while the lads press on further through Leon to a village on the outskirts (La Virgen Del Camino).

Here’s the plan:-

1. I go to Hotel with Andy and Johnny G to drop off the bags, etc.

2. Return to (La Virgen Del Camino) to pick up Howard and Coxy and the bikes. Back to Hotel.

3. The lads remain at a bar in the village until I get back.

4. After dropping of Howard, Coxy and the bikes I go back and pick up the lads.

There’s a 40 minute trip between the village and the hotel so you can see the problem with step 3! Yep, the lads are in that bar for 2 hours.

Waiting at the bar

Waiting at the bar

By the time I get back to pick them up, spirits are high to say the least. Me… well I’m a bit jaded… to say the least.

Once Anth had finished up everyone’s beers they all pile in the back of the van… very quietly of course.

As we head out, the van CD is cranked louder and louder… and louder… and then The Kings of Leon come on.

A better track could not have popped up at a better time. If you are familiar with the song, ‘***on Fire’ you’ll know that the chourus, ‘And You…..ou….ou… ‘ was belted out by all on board, front and back.

Just the lift I needed.

Ade, Steve and Spenna at the Hotel

Ade, Steve and Spenna at the Hotel

Where we are staying is on the Camino route, a small village called Castrillo de Polvares. It’s really tiny but incredibly beautiful and the hotel meal was excellent. Another local meat dish where you get to taste every part of the pig. ( well, not every part.)

Back in the room, Spenna shouts ‘ the light… the light’ and I wonder what on earth he’s on about forgetting he’s a master photographer.

Then it’s ‘the birds… the birds’ and out he runs….

Following him we look on another monastery and on each tower is perched a huge stork like bird. Spenna is in his element here and even has to be persuaded to return to the bar for a night cap.

The Storks

The Storks