Ullapool to Durness

The lads on route to LochinverToday is the big one with 90 miles to do so it’s an early start with breakfast at 8 and away for 9am.

The main road up to Durness look fairly straight forward but of course we’re not doing that! We’re diverting off on to the coast road to Lochinver. And as we set off we don’t even know where we are staying tonight as the campsite doesn’t take advance bookings. So we could be wild camping!

We get away on time and are soon at our first rendevous at the turn off to the coast road. All the lads are soon here and take the turn off. I wait for Kerr whose has been shopping for supplies for tonight just in case.

After he reaches me he stays on the main road as there are some very tight spots on the coastal road to Lochinver that I’m taking. So I set off on the road after the lads and we’re back to a single track road with passing points.

This road is also called The Rocks Road and it’s easy to see why, high craggy mountains surround us with lochs dotted along the valleys, it really is stunning!

After passing the lads I wait at the turn off to Lochinver to make sure everyone takes the right turn and then we push on through a very tricky section both for me and the lads. It’s up and down with some very steep sections and it gets really narrow as we round the headland.

But we get to Lochinver in good time and rendevous with Kerr for snacks and coffee. Everyone goes for the famous pies they do here. They are both huge and delicious!

From here the front group of Coxy, Gibbo, Marty, Ade and Spenna push on with me in support. Kerr will support the rest of the lads in the rear.

This next section is really tough going but the lads are helped along by a strong tail wind and I’m unlikely to be able to catch them up before we meet the main road again as I am constantly stopping to allow oncoming drivers to pass.

But about 6 miles along I come across Gibbo, Marty and Ade at the side of the road so someone has a problem. It’s Marty. Again!

This time he has a problem with his gears, they’re not working so he’s in the van and just before the toughest section! He’s at it, no question!

Now we know from yesterday that there is a bike repair shop just 10 miles up the road so we set off for that. But when we arrive at Scorrie we find it’s not a shop at all, just a guy’s house with a shed and some tools which he kindly leaves out for anyone passing. He’s also not there as he’s the school bus driver out on the school run!

Coxy and co soon reach us and it’s decided that we push on in the van to Durness and try and get on the campsite.

In the meatime we contact Kerr to check on the rear group who are still on the coast road at Drumbeg but progressing steadily.

It’s a much better section after Scorrie with one tough climb then downhill all the way to Durness with a tail wind so we know the lads will enjoy it.

As we arrive at the campsite it looks pretty busy but we manage to secure both pitches for the tents and an electric hookup for the campervan. Result!

As Marty and I pitch our tents, Coxy and the the front group arrive with Kerr and the back markers arriving within the hour.

After a quick shower we head to the only pub but on the way the heavens open so it’s a sprint for the last 50 yards. It’s still lashing down now so we hope it stops before we have to head back to the tents but at least this pub closes at 11pm so we can put off the walk back a bit longer.

Marty Spenna and Ade Lochinver

On the road to Drumbeg

Coxy on route to Lochinver

Doggy and Paul approach the Rocks Road turn off

Ade Gibbo and Roly on the Rocks Road

A pause for breath heading for Durness