The Col Du Tourmalet

At the top of the TourmaletToday is the pinnacle of Le Tour. Through the Col Du Tourmalet from Bagneres to Lourdes over the highest road in the Pyrenees.

If you watch it on Thursday 14th July, you’ll see the Tour de France pass along this same route.

The lads cycle together until the Tourmalet starts proper at St Marie De Campan where they stop before the race begins.

They set out as I drive up to find a spot to park 4 -5 km further on and give the lads a chance to grab water which they do as they power past.

Coxy is the lead at this stage, followed by Steve K, Spenna, Ade, Billy and Marty with Blue, Johnno, Johnny, Wagga and Steve D close behind. There is a fifteen minute gap between front and rear at this point.

After they all grab water I head another 4 -5 km further on and we repeat the process but the gap between front and back has now widened.

Coxy - The King of the HillOn up to La Mongie, a famous ski resort but Coxy, Steve K and Spenna have already passed this point so I need to get to the summit.

I arrive just as he gets there for the King of the Hill photo.

All the lads arrive in much the same order within the hour and we can take our photos.

I have to say just driving up this mountain pass is daunting but for the lads to cycle it is a remarkable achievement.


The ride down is through the most exciting scenery I’ve ever seen and very thrilling for the lads.

I want to thank them personally for letting me accompany them on their thrilling adventures.