Alpe d’Huez & Col de Sarenne

At the start in Bourg D'OisansIt’s a glorious day in Bourg D’Oisnans as we set out to tackle the formidable Alpe D’Huez and then after a brief decent we take on the Col de Sarene and then the long descent back into base.

I set off and park up at the 16km to go point and I don’t have to wait long before Coxy and Spenna reach this point followed by Steve and Ade. A short time after Blue, Johnno, Marty and Johnny G reach what is about a third of the way up. Colmer, on his first big Alpine Climb, brings up the rear. I set off to overtake the front runners and stop again with 7km to go. The order is much the same at this point with Spenna slightly ahead.

I wait for Colmer but there’s no sign so I head off for the summit. Most of the lads are there when I arrive and it’s Spenna who takes the King of the Hill this time out.

Spenna is King of the HillThe lads grab some much needed refreshment from the cafe while we wait for Colmer. After half an hour the call comes in and he’s struggling in this heat so I go back down to pick him up at the 3km mark.

After a break and the now traditional bath for Blue, we set off on the descent. I can’t really put into words how spectacular this place is as I chase the lads down the pass. It’s a rare treat for me to be this close to the action.

It’s a surprisingly tough climb up the Col du Serene but then we have another even longer decent down to the Bge du Chambon. The view above the lake is stunning.

Overlooking the Bge Du Chambon

At this point a hardcore group of Coxy, Steve and Spenna decide on a much tougher route back to base.Once again involving another tough climb to rejoin the Alpe D’Huez about two thirds of the way down for a spectacular descent back into Bourg D’Oisans.

Coxy and Steve on the pass at La Garde

Blue takes another bath

At the top of the Alpe D'Huez

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