Arabba to Auronzo

Coxy Summit Cime di Lavaredo Glorious weather as the lads set off for the move from Arabba to Auronzo. Some tough climbs today but first job is to get Marty’s wheel sorted.

The lads head out for the first climb and Marty and I return to Corvava to pick up his, hopefully now fixed, wheel.

We get to the bike shop early, the wheel is fixed and we’re on our way to catch up with the lads. We can cut across the Passo di Valparolo that meets the summit of the Passo Falzergo the lads are riding up.

We get there and Coxy, Roly, Steve, Ade and Spenna are sat outside a cafe enjoying refreshments. This is all going too well!!

Johnny G gets up but where’s Gibbo? Turns out he’s took another wrong un, went right instead of left and added 6k to his effort.

Once he’s finally up we head to Cortina for lunch.

After the re-fuel we start the climb up the Tre Croci in blazing heat and I wait at a spot next to a small pond. It’s stuffed with trout some up to at least 10lbs! Wish I’d brought my fishing gear…

Over the top we go and press on up to Misurina for the start of today’s big one, the Cime di Laveredo.

Right at the start there’s a toll booth. 25 Euros to get up in the van. WTF?! Free for cyclists though so…

I’m chasing them up now and this one is brutal! Shortish but gradients tougher than we’ve ever done.

I pass all the lads on the way up apart from Coxy, already at the top and sat in the cafe. Eventually all the lads get up and we take in the spectacular scenery.

After a break we descend at breakneck speed down the valleys to Auronzo and our digs. And what a place! Right on the lake with the best view I’ve ever seen from a hotel room!

What a day! It’s why we do it….

Descending the Tre Croci

Summit Cime di Lavaredo

View from the hotel room Auronzo