Ajaccio to Corte

Coxy and Roly arrive soaked at BocognanoWe’re storm chasing today as we know the forecast is bad and we were woken at 6am by the thunder and torrential rain!

But as we pack the car and set off the sun is out and it’s hot again. A look towards the distant mountains though with black clouds and mist confirms we are in for a tough one.

Kev is giving his legs a rest today so he’s in the car with me and Spenna.

The lads set off out of town and we follow shortly after in the car. We’ve only gone a few miles and sure enough the rain starts but we seem to be ahead of the chasing storm in the car. The lads aren’t so lucky and tackle the first climb on the Col de Carazzi caught in the middle of it and are drenched when they arrive at Bocognano.

They have no option other than to push on and we go ahead up the next climb to Vivvavona. We’re going up the Col de Vivvavona and boy is this one steep! It’s like being back in the Alps with nothing under 8% gradient with several sections even steeper than that.

We wait for the riders on the other side of the climb at a cafe where we watch the approaching storm come down and the rain lashes in. When the lads get here after the descent they are going to be frozen, wet and hungry!

It’s not long before Coxy and Roly arrive with the rest of the lads following a short time after. They change into dry gear and then get eats in the cafe.

We’ve not seen Johnny G yet but he should arrive by the time the lads have finished.

Looking out of the cafe we can now see a thin blue line of sky up on the distant peaks. Are we gonna get some respite?…

The rain stops just as Johnny arrives and the lads set off again for the final climb to Corte. John needs food so we are gonna push on without him and follow the lads home.

The next climb is easier than the first two but the rain has started again so the lads are in for another drenching. But we make Corte in good time and get to the digs ok.

Well, the lads did. Roadworks meant several detours round the one way system, down really narrow streets but we got there in the end (don’t mention my wing mirror mishap lads!!).

Drenched peleton Bocognano

Drenched at Bocognano

A rueful and wet Marty at Bocognano

Browny and Kev Col de Vivvavona

Steve descends the Col de Vivvavona

Johnny Col de Vivvavona

Coxy and Roly head for Corte

On route to Corte