Cajar Loop (or is it?)

The Lads en route to CajarWith Coxy unwell and not riding today the big debate last night was who was going to be our new leader.

Now, I’m in charge overall (obviously) but I need a leader on the road… someone to crack the whip when needed and gee the lads on when they’re flagging…

After several beers we somehow settled on Marty! I know he’s a director and all that, with a swanky new house overlooking the Posthouse, but a road leader?!… I have my doubts but we’ll give him a go… what can go wrong?… can’t be worse than yesterday’s chaos can it?

At breaky Marty decides to assert his new authority with a new route for today. Coxy’s Cajar loop has been binned. Just like that!

Apparently this new route is a nice flat jolly in the opposite direction to the mountains because they all want to get back early and get in the pool.

Me and Coxy just have to go along with it but I know that once standards start to slip there’s only one way to go… down!

I go and fetch the van from the car park and pull up outside the hotel up onto the pavement but just as I do there’s a bang and a crunch? WTF???!!! There was nothing there!

What’s happened now?!

Just as I pulled up Spenna’s bike, which was leaning against the wall, fell over and went under the van. His brand new bike. Luckily it’s not badly damaged and he can ride on.

Not a good start and not a good omen for the day ahead…

We arrange to meet the lads halfway round their new loop and make good time in the van to get there but then we pick up the message…

Turns out Marty’s new route is a mountain bike trail! No good for road bikes. Doh! Strike one for Marty’s leadership efforts.

They are now going to revert to Coxy’s original route to Cajar so Coxy and I have to turn around and go all the way back to Granada and start again.

We push on to El Padul hoping to catch the lads there. When we arrive we message Marty to try and find out where they are. Marty messages us back the following…

“Next town in 20 minutes”

What does that mean?!

Try putting ‘next town’ in Google Maps!

That’s strike two! The writing is on the wall for our director fella…

So, we head back out of El Padul to the main road and by some fluke just as we pull over the lads arrive. Something has gone right!

We all head back into the town and find a cafe for some cake and coffee.

Obviously, the leadership question comes up… but Marty has already submitted his resignation note. See below:-

Marty's resignation note

Marty’s resignation note

Fallen on his sword. At the first hurdle. Lasted less time than Liz Truss… and the lettuce!

There’s still another 20 mile and a big climb to go to get to Cajar so the lads decide to throw in the towel and head back to the digs.

A good call. That pool looks very tempting…

In the Gran Taverna Granada

Marty buys more beers in a bid to help sway the leadership vote his way.