Date: Thursday 30th June

Route: Avignon (Airport) to Bedoin

Distance: 46 km

Digs: Camping le Meneque

Blog Post: Avignon – Bedoin

Comments: Bédoin is a commune in the Vaucluse department in the Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur region in south eastern France. Located at the base of Mont Ventoux, it is the starting point of one of the three routes to the summit of the mountain (the other routes start in Malaucène and Sault).

Route Map

Avignon - Bedoin

Distance 46km.

Photo Gallery

At the Airport in Avignon

On the road to Bedoin

At the Mont Ventoux monument at Bedoin

Billy and Steve D on the flight to Avignon

Bonzo settles down for the night

Unloading the van at Avignon

Billy on the road to Bedoin

Up at last. Wagga finally gets the tent up.