The Journey to Biarritz

Hello Coastbuster watchers!

First couple of hotels did not have wi-fi and some more on the route may not have so we’ll post up stuff as and when we can.

We’ll also be adding pictures, etc to each post but only 2/3. We can add more when we get back.

The Journey to Biarritz.

Ade and Browny drove down from the Boro and got as far as Le Mans in France on the first day.

Major thunderstorm overnight in Le Mans and torrential rain all the way down to Bordeaux. Would have been pretty awful but there’s just no traffic on the roads! We might have picked up a couple of speeding tickets as we kept forgetting the signs were in kilometers.

We then arrived in Biarritz just 20 minutes before the rest of the team flew in. Good timing! The lads flew from Standstead and arrived on time with a bump. Dodgy French pilot.