Damsels In Distress

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The adventure continues…

After I dropped the lads back at the start point for today’s section it’s straight to Rabanal for me. The lads kindly decided that after all the ferrying about I’d done I could have a day off and just go straight to the next hotel. They could always ring me if they needed me.

The last section on the route is everything I imagined the challenge would be for me. Sunny, but with a little bite to the breeze, remember we are at + 1100 meters.

The road meanders along in line with the Camino path so I can see all the walkers and cyclists.

I reach Cabanal and sort the hotel stuff.

Time to watch the World Cup!

Then I get a call from Johnny G. His group, with Ade, Andy and Anth has come across a couple of walkers, one of whom was struggling with her heavy bag pulling it on the road behind her. One lady was German and the other Irish.

The lads stop to assist and suggest that, as they have driver, they could get the bag delivered to Rabanal. This offer was gratefully accepted.

It’s a short hop for me to reach them which I do in around half an hour and pick up the bag.

Unfortunately when they reach our hotel there are no vacancies and I need to escort them to alternative digs…

Yes she is!

Now then. Is she doing what you think she’s doing…

Hope the lads don’t need me for a bit…

4 thoughts on “Damsels In Distress

  1. it now sounds like you are all having too much fun now!!

    keep smiling and singing!! all the girls down here have asked for a topless pic!!

    Sue xx

  2. Oh Brownie,
    Did you score – hope they can dance!
    Glad you are all alot happier today and even managed a few ice creams on the way. Many facebook friends are remarking how well you are all doing. They are humbled by your achievements. I have mentioned you big cycle incline tomorrow and asked them to to visit the website and donate to the cause. Good luck, well done to you all, you inspire all who know you. Will be nice to see a group photo of you all. Kathleen xxx

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