Portomarin to Santiago

Billy Wagga and Browny take in the cultural sights of Santiago

The final leg…

An early start sees us head back to Portamirin from the Hotel for the start of the final leg. What adventures will we have today?

I head for the meeting point at Melide on the roads that appear to be designed more like a race track. I don’t go fast as I don’t know what’s around the next bend.

Then I see a lorry behind me and he’s shifting… lights on and closing fast… I accelerate… so does he… I’ve got him on the uphills… he’s got me on the down. The dual continues and I break away on the uphill to Mailda and park up.

As I type this… the lorry has pulled in beside me… I can’t see him… I see the door open on the far side and out he gets… all I can see are his boots under the lorry… and he walks…

I’m not worried. He doesn’t know what’s coming behind me!

We had a couple of crossed lines at the meeting points today but eventually all meet up in a small village outside Santiago.

It’s now a last sprint to the finish…
On the last leg