Argeliers – Carcassonne

Wagga and Steve along the canal
Less miles to do today for the lads but it’s still 45 miles to do. We leave the Gite at 10.00 after tidying up from the night before.

We are to meet at Puicheric by the bridge that the lads cross to continue on their route. Of course there are several bridges across the canal and you can guess what happened next…

I’m sitting fishing at one bridge when I should be at another. I get a call from Coxy wondering where I’ve got to. (That’s a polite way of putting it!)

I head down to where I think they are, down the only road on the canal where I am.

I spot the pink jerseys in the distance… only one problem, they are on the other side of the canal and I’ve just run out of road into a farmer’s back yard!

Naturally he wonders what I’m up to and comes out to have a word. I point to the cyclists opposite and he’s fine… the French love cyclists and anyone associated with them so I get away with… well almost…

Johnny G and Johnno take a breakAs Coxy comes round via another bridge to assist I decide to try and back the van out of the tight spot I’m in and just catch a fence scratching Billy’s van. Oops! But it’s not bad and he’s cool. These things happen on trips like this.

The lads enjoy a brew while Steve D and Wagga come in later after numerous coffee breaks along the route. They are taking it easy along this stretch of the canal, taking in the sights.

We then push on to Carcassone and find a beautiful old walled city overlooking the rear of the camp.

Wagga cooked a fab pasta carbonara which went down well with everyone. Some of the lads then went into the old town while others remained at camp.

An early night for all as we have a tough day tomorrow.