The Donkey Derby Results
Posted on: June 15, 2013, by : DaveB

John on his way to victory on the Col de la BonetteThe Donkey Derby Handicap on the Col de la Bonette.

And the winner was… Johnny G. !!!!!!!! What a result for the big fella and all the lads are delighted that John is King of the Hill on this col.

Here are the full results.


PositionNameStart TimeHandicap (mins)Total Time
1Johnny G10:15:00-1502:33:00
5Steve K11:05:00-6501:51:00
8Steve D10:00:00002:58:00

Something of a change in the order! Well done to to all the sub 2 hour lads and Coxy for today’s fastest time.

So, it’s prize giving time tonight… and I’ve got a special one… and the lads already have had glimpse of it as I waved it out of the van window to spur them on going up.

By the way we all want to give a special thanks to Roly’s daughter Lilly who gave Roly a message to read for each day. These notes have helped keep us all going…

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