Almodover to Faro and the N2 Finish Line

A shorter day today and it is, of course, our final day and ride to the end of the N2 route in Faro.

46 miles to do in total, with the first 20 miles being largely uphill and the remainder, downhill.

It should be relatively easy for the lads except, finally, the sun has got it’s hat on. It’s going to be 31 degrees today, great if you’re on holiday here, not so good if you are cycling.

We set off at 10.30am and the lads make good progress over the first 10 miles of largely flat terrain but the heat is building.

John is riding today as he’s finally sorted his tyre issue. He’s switched to the good old reliable tyre and innertube so he shouldn’t have any problems.

The next section consists of 8 miles of climbing through very twisty bends and hairpins and I never get out of 2nd or 3rd gear in the van.

I’ve stopped for photos so the lads are ahead of me so I’m chasing them up the climb picking them off one by one until I get to the top at Barraroo Velho.

I’ve passed them all except Coxy who has already reached the top and gone down.

I wait at the top for the rest and Spenna is the next one up and he continues down. Coxy will stop at a cafe further down the road and wait for everyone.

Ade, Marty and Spenna are next up, closely followed by Gibbo and they stop at the van for water and to take some photos of the amazing view from the top.

There are a couple of wooden swings up here that swing you over the edge and Marty and Gibbo can’t resist having a go. I just hope the rope doesn’t snap on the backswing!

There’s a video of them on our Facebook page if you want to take a look.

The lads head on down to meet Coxy while I wait for John. As I’m waiting at the picnic area at the top a motorcycle group turn up. We’ve seen a few on the road but these guys look a bit different, more like Hells Angels.

They then proceed to start racing up and down the road again without their helmets and pulling wheelies and stuff! A rough looking bunch.

John arrives shortly after and we head down to where the lads are having a cooling drink and some ice cream.

The biker gang come through next and, much to our amusement, are caught out by a speedbump up the road. Don’t look so tough now, bouncing about and nearly falling off!

After we are all rested up, we set off on the final leg to Faro and the N2 finish line.

I go on ahead as I’ll need to find a place to park near to the finish line which is on a major roundabout in the city centre.

I get there in good time but this roundabout is very busy. I’m not too optimistic about getting a good finishing photo.

Coxy, Spenna, Ade and Gibbo soon arrive and just park themselves up in the middle of the roundabout! WTF!

They then start adding our Boro Parmo stickers to every sign they can.

Marty arrives next, followed shortly after by John and they all head back onto the roundabout for a group shot.

Some drivers were not happy and were beeping their horns but others shouted encouragement… at least I think that’s what it was…

And that’s the end of another amazing trip! It’s been brilliant!

Thanks to Coxy for planning the rides and Ade and Spenna organising, particularly Ade this year who booked us in to some fabulous hotels.

And, of course, thanks to all the lads for their excellent company.

We’ll explore Faro tonight, it’s supposed to be quite lively, so should be a good night.