Date: Saturday 21st August

Route: Carlisle to Hexham

Distance : 56 Miles

Digs: Station Inn

Blog Post: Carlisle to Hexham

Comment: From Carlisle we travel to Hexham following ‘Hadrians Cycleway’ a total of 56 miles.

Hexham Abbey originated as a monastery founded by Saint Wilfrid in 674. The crypt of the original monastery survives, and incorporates many stones taken from nearby Hadrian’s Wall.

Like many towns in the North of England, Hexham suffered from the border wars with the Scots, including attacks from William Wallace who burnt the town in 1297.

In 1464 during the Wars of the Roses, the Battle of Hexham was fought somewhere to the south of the town; the actual site is disputed. The defeated Lancastrian commander Duke of Somerset was executed in Hexham market place.

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